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  12/13/2022 Dallas Arboretum Hosts Kwanzaa Dinner for Community Leaders Juliette DC
  6/28/2022 Dallas Arboretum Displays New Exhibition Featuring Don Tortellini’s Photography Juliette DC
  6/3/2022 Dallas Arboretum’s Black Heritage Celebration Featured Artists, Vendors and a Fashion Show Juliette DC
  4/12/2022 Dallas Arboretum Held Fifth Annual Food and Wine Festival on March 24 Juliette DC
  4/1/2022 Friends of the Arboretum Honored During Dallas Blooms Juliette DC
  12/14/2021 Dallas Arboretum Hosts Friends Event at DeGolyer House Juliette DC
  11/1/2021 Luci Baines Johnson Receives the Dallas Arboretum’s Great Contributors Award and Shares Stories Juliette DC
  9/9/2021 High School Sweethearts and Gardeners Enjoy Volunteering at the Dallas Arboretum Juliette DC
  4/26/2021 Dallas Arboretum Presents Black Heritage Celebration on May 1st Juliette DC
  4/5/2021 Friends of the Arboretum Enjoy Dinner in Person During Dallas Blooms Juliette DC
  2/2/2021 Arboretum Annie, Dallas' Favorite Groundhog Meteorologist, Predicts Six More Weeks of Winter Juliette DC
  1/15/2020 Arboretum Annie, Dallas' Favorite Groundhog Meteorologist, Returns to Predict When Spring Arrives Juliette DC
  11/1/2019 Texas Society of Architects/AIA Bestows Dallas Arboretum President with 2019 Honorary Membership Juliette DC
  9/25/2019 Lake Highlands Couple With 7,500 Volunteer Hours Co-chairs Autumn at the Arboretum Juliette DC
  6/26/2019 Dallas Arboretum Hosted Plant Trials Field Day and Shared Winners of Trial Gardens Juliette DC
  6/6/2019 Dallas Arboretum Hosts Rose Dedication Juliette DC
  6/3/2019 Caroline Rose Hunt Society Members Dine at the Stodghills Juliette DC
  4/29/2019 Dallas Arboretum Hosted ‘Galleries at DeGolyer’ Reception Prior to Opening Artscape Juliette DC
  4/16/2019 Dallas Arboretum Hosts Artscape Fine Art and Craft Show on April 27-28 Juliette DC
  3/22/2019 Dallas Arboretum Debuts Eight-Acre Tom and Phyllis McCasland Horticulture Center Juliette DC