5 Fantastic Colleges in Texas You Might Not Know About

Lakewood BubbleLife iReporter 8/17 9:00A Riley Heruska
If your child is a junior or senior in high school, youre probably spending a great deal of time discussing higher education. There are 176 different colleges in Texas, which can make the application...

Powerful Reminder(s) in a Phone Call

St. John's Episcopal School (Head of School Blog) 8/16 9:59A (Mark Crotty
The last couple of days, I've come to school kind of grumpy. It's fatigue, physical and mental, more than anything. In-service is always an invigorating time, but also draining for all the reasons imaginable. Plus plenty going on away from...

Tricks for Easing Your Kids Back Into Their School Schedules

Lakewood BubbleLife iReporter 8/14 8:00A Riley Heruska
For most families, school starts within the next two weeks. Summer is drawing to a close, and with that change comes a new schedule for parents and kids alike. This switch can be difficult, especially...

School Supply Drives Around Dallas Help Kids Succeed

Lakewood BubbleLife iReporter 8/13 4:08P Shelia Huffman
Counting the days until school starts!  Back to school is always an exciting time in the life of a student and their parents.  The new school year is a new beginninga chance to learn, achieve and make...

Back-to-School Inspiration: A Strengths-Finder Approach to Educational Progress

St. John's Episcopal School (Head of School Blog) 8/8 8:46A (Mark Crotty
Criticizing schools--or at least aspects of them--is easy. It's one of those subjects about which everyone seems to hold an opinion, usually focused on something that's wrong. Sometimes they have a valid point; sometimes they don't. Among the...

Share All of Your Back-to-School Drives on BubbleLife

Lakewood BubbleLife iReporter 7/31 11:00A Riley Heruska
It's that time of year again. Kids need new folders, pencils, binders and other kinds of school supplies for the upcoming academic year. We've seen quite a few back-to-school drives already submitted...

Picture of Graduate and Control of Learning

St. John's Episcopal School (Head of School Blog) 7/24 12:03P (Mark Crotty
Recently I've noticed quite a few comments in Dr. Tony Wagner's Twitter stream in which he is encouraging schools to develop their Portrait of a Graduate (PoG). For the past few months, I've also, without as much focus, seen more and more tweets...

Summer Sizzles at Shelton

Lakewood BubbleLife iReporter 7/24 5:36A Anne Thomas
Summertime.  The school is closed, right?  Dead wrong.  At Shelton School and Evaluation Center, theres plenty of summer action. Some 720 students (Early Childhood through grade 12) are enrolled for a...

Week 27: Lakewood July 4 Parade

52 Weeks of Service 7/15 9:00P lakehillprep
July 4, 2018 The Fourth of July brings to mind fireworks, block parties, good food, and, of course, parades. This year, neighbors in the Lakewood area of east Dallas celebrated America s birthday with...

Week 26: Network of Community Ministries

52 Weeks of Service 7/14 10:34P lakehillprep
June 15, 2018 This week marks the halfway point in my 52 Weeks of Service. I have enjoyed getting to work with so many wonderful organizations, and am amazed at how quickly these 26 weeks have flown...

Week 25: Little Free Library

52 Weeks of Service 7/13 2:43P lakehillprep
June 18, 2018 One of the most significant ways to improve reading skills in children is to increase their access to books. Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that inspires a love of...
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