Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake is hosting a fun and informative evening exclusively for women to learn more about the latest health treatments. Several physicians will serve on a Q&A panel. 

We have activities planned including a refreshing chair massage and snacks to help you relax after a long day.

Too tired to move? Wait ‘til you hear the exciting music and see the Zumba instructor from White Rock YMCA offer a Zumba 101 instructional class. You won’t be able to resist jumping right in! Be sure to register early because there are only 25 spots open for Zumba.

In addition to the fun activities, there will be an informative time featuring several physicians on the medical staff who will discuss common health conditions affecting women today.

Registration is required. Call 866-764-3627 to reserve your seat at this fun evening focused on women’s health. Zumba is limited to the first 25 applicants.

Date: Tuesday, July 21

Time: 6– 8:00 p.m.

Location: White Rock YMCA
7112 Gaston Ave.
Dallas, TX 75214

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Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake

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If your life has become a routine of having to miss school or work because of extreme cramping and bleeding, you are likely looking for some answers. An exam from your OB/GYN physician might give you the diagnosis of endometriosis.

What is endometriosis?

When tissues that would normally be found in the lining of the uterus start to grow outside of the uterus, this condition is called endometriosis. No one knows why the tissue changes location. What we do know is, just because it’s not in the right place doesn’t mean it stops its monthly cycle. When hormones dictate a swelling of the tissues in the uterus, the tissues outside of the uterus respond in the same way.

When pregnancy doesn’t occur and the tissues start to slough off into your monthly period, then the tissues outside the uterus try to as well. The problem occurs at this point, because there is no outlet for the excess blood flow for the abnormal tissue. The tissues then become irritated and painful.

What can be done?

Many people have mild cases of endometriosis and are able to control it with birth control pills, hormone therapy, or just ibuprofen. But for those with severe cases, where your quality of life is greatly impacted, it might be time to consider something more targeted.

At Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake, we offer an alternative. If your physician thinks surgery is needed in your case, our advanced technology da Vinci Surgical System® could be the right choice for you. By using this robotic-assisted surgical system, your surgeon would be able to make a tiny incision and use the robot to remove the endometriosis tissue or the ovaries and uterus, if your case is extreme.

This minimally-invasive surgical system offers the potential of a surgery that disrupts less surrounding tissue, has less bleeding, shorter surgical time, less pain and significantly shorter recovery time than standard surgeries.

A minimally invasive choice

As the da Vinci Surgical System® becomes more widespread, its popularity is increasing. Many women are discovering the benefits of minimally-invasive surgical options for their common health concerns.

Ask your physician if you would be a good candidate for a robotic-assisted surgery to work towards alleviating your endometriosis symptoms and restoring your quality of life.

Call Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake for more information about our advanced surgical procedures at 866-764-3627 or visit us at Let us help you get back to living your life to the fullest.

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Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake

9400 Poppy Drive
Dallas, TX 75218



Fire up your grills! Whether you are a seasoned veteran of many cook-outs, or just learning how to barbecue like a pro, here are a few tips to help you keep your meals lean and healthy so family members and friends will come back for more.

Don’t be afraid to marinade.

Marinating meats not only adds great flavor, but also can help reduce the formation of heterocyclic amines, substances that could potentially increase the risk of cancer.

Smaller is better.

Portioning meat into smaller cubes or slices can speed up cook time so they have less chance of charring.

Get the temperature right.

The ideal temperatures are 165 degrees for ground poultry, 160 degrees for ground red meats and fresh pork, and 145 degrees for red meat steaks or chops.

Turn down the heat.

Keep the heat down with a low flame to reduce the chances of burning or charring.

Take it off.

Remove any visible fat on meat to reduce flare-ups. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, another potential cancer-causing substance, come from smoke that forms when fat drips from meat onto the grill.

Don’t always think meat.

Vegetables are great grilled, especially onions, corn on the cob, eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms and asparagus, as well as apples, pears, peaches and bananas.

Save time and pre-cook.

Reduce the amount of time on the grill by partially cooking meat in the microwave. Be sure to put the partially cooked meat straight onto the grill to finish cooking.

Keep it clean.

Scrub the grill with a brush before and after grilling.

It’s not just what you grill, but how you grill it that can help make foods healthy, flavorful and safe.

Online Check-in: The Smarter Way to the ER

At Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake, we understand that waiting in the ER is no fun. That’s why we’re offering an online check-in service at reserve your time online and comfortably wait at home. Users enjoy the convenience of choosing where they wait and a projected time to see a health care professional in the ER. Patients can hold their place online by completing an online form and arriving at the hospital at the selected time. Simply go to; it's quick, easy and you'll be seen by a health care professional within 15 minutes of your scheduled time*.

The hospital’s InQuickER system screens patients whose symptoms may signal a potentially serious condition to make sure they don’t wait to go to the hospital. To learn more about these quality emergency services serving the East Dallas area, visit

* Some restrictions apply. 

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Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake

9400 Poppy Drive
Dallas, TX 75218