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Button The Bride Takes the Bridal Industry by Storm with the

Fall 2015 Launch of NEW Keepsake Buttoning Tool


DALLAS – October 1, 2015 – It is no secret that the life of a Bride takes on a whole new meaning once the engagement ring is slipped on her finger and she says yes to the man of her dreams. Next comes an endless task list of to do’s, ranging from venue selection, floral arrangements, bridal party ensembles, food and beverages to be served, music, and honeymoon travel plans. And let’s not forget, the selection of the Bride’s ultimate wedding day decision – her dress.


Button The Bride Founder and President, Susie Uphues, has worked in the Bridal and TV, Film, & Commercial Print industries for nearly 30 years, applying camera-ready makeup and styling high profile and celebrity clients, along with Brides for their “big day”, on countless occasions. Traveling all over the world and working with Brides from all walks of life, Susie found a true need for a tool that could button and unbutton bridal gowns and dresses quickly and easily. From there she began the process of developing a prototype, which would ultimately become Button The Bride.


From the humble beginning of two crochet hooks taped to an ink pen, Susie spent the next two years tirelessly designing and developing (with assistance from a commercial artist colleague and her manufacturer) the durable and elegant finished product – the only one of its kind. Her entrepreneurial spirit and unending passion for creating a solution to what she experienced as a challenge, fueled her motivation. Inspired by a dress and tuxedo set of wine stoppers while searching for wedding favors, the proverbial “light bulb” came on, and Susie got to work.  Button The Bride has proven that necessity really IS the Mother of Invention.


Not only is Button The Bride an essential tool used for fastening loops over fabric-covered bridal buttons, but it is also an elegant keepsake that makes a truly memorable and special shower or wedding gift - at a reasonable price point. Packaged in a clean-lined black gift box with silver foil stamped lettering, Button The Bride comes ready to gift – and can be finished off with a shimmery silver ribbon to complete the look. Engraving a personal message is also possible with Button The Bride, making gift customization easier than ever.


The handle is easy to grip and aesthetically pleasing, in the shape of a woman in a bridal dress for buttoning, and the silhouette of a groom for unbuttoning. Until now, there has not been a product on the market that comes in a decorative set that serves this purpose.


Button The Bride will officially launch in October 2015 at New York’s International Bridal Week, and is the newest product in the world of Bridal Gowns/Dresses – certain to take the industry by storm. Brides in Dallas are already using the product with incredible results, and report not only ease of use but unbelievable time saving by Bridesmaids, Mothers, and Brides alike.


Following the adage “Something old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue”…. Now with Button The Bride, it looks like we’ve got the NEW covered. Check that one off the wedding task list!



About Button The Bride

Founded in 2015 by Dallas resident and Makeup Artist, Susie Uphues, and her daughter April Davis, Button The Bride is the ultimate buttoning and unbuttoning tool that is essential for every Bride’s trousseau. Susie’s career includes positions with Neiman Marcus, Bobbi Brown, Selfridges, and she is currently signed with The Campbell Agency in Dallas where she works full-time on photo and video shoots. She lives in Dallas with her husband, Chris, and has a beautiful granddaughter she hopes will one-day use Button The Bride in her own wedding.


Retail priced at $49 per set, Button The Bride currently has a patent-pending and can be purchased online at Currently, the following retail shops also sell Button The Bride: Stardust Celebrations in Plano, TX ( and Pure Luxe Bridal in Allen, TX (


For more information or to purchase Button The Bride, visit Find them on Facebook at