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The Dallas community has long struggled with the issue of homelessness. Visible encampments and tent cities pop up under bridges and line sidewalks throughout the city, and despite past efforts by local leaders, the most recent figures from 2022 show 4,011 homeless individuals in Dallas and Collin Counties, with almost a third of them living unsheltered.

Over the years, a number of task forces and commissions have been appointed by Dallas City or Dallas County leaders in an attempt to combat homelessness. Former Mayor Mike Rawlings appointed a Homelessness Commission when he became mayor, which issued a final report in November 2016 that was discussed in joint city-county meetings starting in November 2017.

However, Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson believes his newly announced task force, HOPE (Homelessness, Organizations, Policies and Encampments), will be different. Johnson has been quoted as saying that the task force is not just a "dog and pony show" but is focused on "getting work done." He wants a report from the group by June 15, with actionable recommendations that will inform policymakers and help allocate resources effectively.

In June 2021, Dallas city and county officials announced a $70 million plan for rapid rehousing and other programs, aimed at addressing homelessness in the area. Peter Brodsky, chairman of the Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance (now called Housing Forward Dallas), recently noted that this investment has produced results, with 1,500 homeless people housed out of a goal of 2,700 by 2024.

Brodsky also, not long ago, highlighted the importance of collaboration between the city and the continuum of care, emphasizing that one cannot address homelessness without the other. He cites the example of one homeless camp that was closed and 70 people who received housing as a result of the collaboration between the city and the continuum of care.

In further good news, the federal government recently announced that an additional $22.5 million will be awarded to Dallas homeless service agencies. With this funding, Dallas leaders hope to continue to make progress in combatting homelessness and improving the lives of those who are experiencing homelessness in the city.

World Change Business Services is thrilled about the potential to make a real difference for people who are experiencing housing insecurity in Dallas. It's evident that the mayor and community leaders are committed to bringing about genuine change rather than simply redrawing the route to a destination. We acknowledge the willingness to take action and applaud the efforts of some remarkable Dallas Heroes. World Change Business Services is also working to address this issue with their Shop 2 Save The World Initiative's and has committed $2000 of their Phase 1 $4000 Revenue Benchmark towards providing housing, food, and the necessary resources to secure employment, with the hope of creating a more sustainable long-term situation.

Just like the HOPE Taskforce, partnerships and a willingness to get involved are crucial to achieving any meaningful impact in Dallas and beyond. Join the conversation by engaging in any of World Change Business Service's social media campaigns and follow their progress on YouTube as they work towards their mission of saving the world, one person, one community, one planet at a time.

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