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Dallas Emergency Tree Service Near Me

Unfortunately, residents and businesses owners of the Uptown Dallas, East Dallas, Central Dallas and North Dallas communities, including Highland Park, University Park, Lakewood, Lake Highlands and Preston Hollow are often caught by surprise by the sudden need to engage the services of a Dallas Emergency Tree Service, like White Rock Tree Removal Service. From ice accumulation to rainy and gusty windstorms, dividing, uprooting or just snapping in half, Dallas area residents are constantly and more frequently having to deal with the need to reach out to a Dallas emergency tree service near me.

Losing even one tree can be detrimental, for a property's value, aesthetics and level of personal privacy. Uprooted trees are a priority concern, after extreme weather, as Dallas residents walk out to assess the damage, wondering why one tree is uprooted and others were not. Vulnerability of trees to be uprooted or buckling is determined by the crown shape, wood strength / health and the strength of the root system. Trees uproot, causing the need for Dallas Emergency Tree Service, due to conditions such as shallow soil, biologically incompatible soil conditions, poor drainage leading to soil saturation, soil gradation changes and soil / root system distribution due to nearby property development. 

It's true, some uprooted trees can be save by an specialized emergency tree service, in Dallas. Which trees can be saved is determined by it's condition, the amount of time is been uprooted and the size of the tree. 

Dallas's most mature trees are found in the Uptown Dallas, Central Dallas, East Dallas and North Dallas communities, including University Park, Lakewood, Highland Park, Lake Highlands and Preston Hollow, which means they are also the heaviest. A specialized Dallas Emergency Tree Service, like White Rock Tree Removal Service will have to deploy heavy equipment to handle the tonnage. Even in a case where the equipment is deployed, these same trees often will not be able to secure their root system, which often extends to the outer edges of the tree's crown. For the oldest Dallas trees, these root systems support 20+ tons of wood and took a century to develop properly, to anchor that much weight. 

Moisture and heat conditions determine the survivability timetable for uprooted trees. As a rule, uprooted trees that have already shed their leaves, requiring less resources, will also have a longer timeline to replant. If a tree meets the desired conditions for replanting, including size, drainage, water supply adequacies and low structural damage, a call to an specialized emergency tree service in Dallas may save your uprooted tree. 

White Rock Tree Removal Service always attempts to return candidates, for replanting, to their original positions, without twisting or stressing the root system. Often bracing, cabling and other maintenance is required to ensure a successful replant. An expert Dallas Emergency Tree Service will monitor the tree for transplant shock, but an expert replanting with the proper after care has a high probability of being successful. 

Dealing with uprooted trees is one of the most hazardous situations a Dallas emergency tree service regularly faces. There is a possibility of utility involvement of the root system, as well as involvement with structures and vehicles on the property. Only a professional emergency tree service, in Dallas, should attempt to replant or remove a mature uprooted tree. Only they will have the expertise, equipment and experience to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones, while dealing with, literally, tons of wood, not on the ground, in quickly changing conditions. 

When dealing with uprooted trees, be sure to engage a specialized Dallas emergency tree service, staffed by experts like ISA Verified Arborists, to diagnose the best course of action. We at White Rock Tree Removal Service, pride ourselves in being the EXPERTS in Dallas Emergency Tree Service. White Rock Tree Removal Service has an ISA Certified Arborist onsite at every emergency response and is owned and operated by an experience, degreed, environmental scientist with specific expertise in regional vegetation and biology. Specialized Dallas emergency tree service experts are the only choice when faced with the dangers and short / long term costs of uprooted, mature, Dallas trees.

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