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Dallas Emergency Tree Removal Service

After the recent windstorm that tore through East Dallas, University Park and Highland Park, the professional emergency tree removal service crews at White Rock Tree Removal Service were first on the scene to help our community with expert Dallas Emergency Tree Service response. We assisted numerous homeowners with everything from home and roof damage due to limbs and whole downed trees on homes, to professionally handling trees on power lines and hanging, wind damaged, limbs creating hazardous conditions for property and people in these affected areas. 

Homeowners in some affected areas were without power, internet and even cellular data for up to 5 days after the storm. Downed trees requiring immediate Dallas Emergency Tree Service response had taken out utility lines all over east and central Dallas. As always happens, after a big storm, there was immediate response by professional Dallas emergency tree removal service companies like White Rock Tree Removal Service. There were also a multitude of anonymous truck, saw and trailer operations that, come what may, are never seen or heard from again no matter the outcome, damage and ultimate condition of the property, resulting from their work. 

Property owners were, naturally, anxious to deal with Dallas Emergency Tree Removal threats to their homes and loved ones caused by downed, hanging or uprooted trees. Most were dealing with their first Dallas Emergency Tree Service occurrence and contending with multiple concerns, simultaneously, if the need for Emergency Tree Removal was a pressing issue. The flashlight illuminated aftermath, viewed under the stress of a power outage and uncertainty of the threat level to their homes and loved ones, inspired hasty decisions that lead to regret in the light of day. It is only natural to accept the first offer of help, in times traumatic as these. Anyone seemingly equipped, knowledgeable and offering immediate relief may seem like a blessing. There are, however, some things everyone should take into consideration when making decisions about protecting their homes and loved ones after a big blow, in response to downed trees and hazardous hanging limbs. 

Though precariously hanging broken limbs and even downed trees,  which crashed into houses, are a horrifying scene, the actual and  immediate threat to the property has passed and likely caused all the damage it will. This is the case unless an understaffed crew without a proper and comprehensive view of the situation or plan of action, does something to disrupt where wind damaged limbs and trees come to rest. Downed limbs and whole uprooted trees often weigh in at several to tens of tons of wood. After the initial event, downed trees and limbs are generally going to stay where they land simply because of their weight. Any impact damage to property is unlikely to progress and the appropriate course of action is to protect the damaged area from the elements and perform a full assessment, in the light of day. Of course, not all Dallas Emergency Tree Service situations can wait until morning and a crew that specializes in Dallas Emergency Tree Removal, with the right know-how and equipment has to get to work immediately.

There are several key factors to look for to recognize whether you are working with a specialized Dallas Emergency Tree Service. Look for crews to constantly be rigging limbs, they remove, with intricate rope work, instead of just letting half ton limbs fall when cut. Limbs bounce and uncontrolled descent of that much wood can lead to catastrophe.  Though a professional emergency tree service crew may send one team member, with a saw, to clear debris and get a better look at your immediate situation, safe and secure Dallas Emergency Tree removal requires a minimum 4-6 person crew. Even a 3 foot section of downed limb can weigh hundreds of pounds and without heavy equipment access, a complete and equipped crew, all with varied and vital safety responsibilities, is the only way to ensure a safe professional removal. Remember that working with anyone who is not able to produce insurance and proof of an actual state registered tree service company, leaves you liable for not only any damage that occurs during their work but, potentially, any injuries they receive while working on your property, as well.

As with most situations, a measured approach usually turns out best in the end. Protect yourself from further damage after a storm. Make sure that you are working with professionals that specialize in Dallas Emergency Tree Removal Service, like White Rock Tree Removal Service. After verifying they are qualified, follow their recommendations. Emergency tree service often happens in several stages, with differently equipped crews dealing with stages of tree emergency tree removal, prioritized by the greatest level of threat of the calls they are responding to. Always keep in mind, if you have a tree service emergency, chances are your friends and neighbors may be experiencing similar headaches. Patience may be difficult, but safe tree removal is always a process and never a sprint.



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