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Dallas Emergency Tree Service Near Me

With continued drought conditions, residents are doing everything they can to conserve water in all the East Dallas, North Dallas and Central Dallas communities including University Park, Highland Park, Lakewood, Uptown Dallas and Preston Hollow. One of the number one reasons to ask their phones and other devices for a Dallas Emergency Tree Service near me is for guidance on how to keep their urban trees healthy, under water shortages and restrictions. 

Mulching is a great way to maintain the health of both saplings and mature trees, while under water restrictions / drought. Mulching is a simple way to protect roots, enrich soil and reduce weed growth around your trees. There are several ways any qualified Dallas emergency tree service near me, like White Rock Tree Removal Service, should be able to explain the specific and overall benefits of mulching for your urban trees. Mulching helps moderate soil temperature in both hot and cold conditions, while preventing hardening and cracking of top soil, which also prevents water loss due to erosion and runoff. Retaining moisture by reducing evaporation can be a great benefit of mulching. The moisture conservation achieved can help your trees make it through to the next watering day. Protection from soil impaction from foot traffic, as well as root damage, due to landscaping equipment impact, and the suppression of weed and shrub growth are sure ways mulching helps your Dallas trees make it through dry times and water restrictions. 

Mulching your trees requires a choice between inorganic and organic mulch. Organic mulch is more routine and includes options like wood chips, shredded / combined hardwood and softwood as well as, surprisingly, a shredded mix of bark and leaves. Organic mulch strengthens your soil as biological materials break down and add nutrients. On the downside, organic mulch needs continual maintenance and replenishment, due to the same break down. Inorganic mulches like shredded rubber, stones and gravel don't provide the same soil benefits but can be aesthetically pleasing and hinder or eliminate weed growth.

White Rock Tree Removal Service will tell you, when you reach out to a Dallas Emergency Tree Service near me, mulch to the drip line when mulching your trees. Mulch from the root flare out and increase the circumference of the mulched area as your trees grow. The drip line is the farthest reach of the canopy while the root flare is where the visible roots infiltrate to the ground. I'm good drainage areas mulch should not exceed 1 to 2 inches in depth, 2-4 inches in poor drainage zones. 

Apparently this extreme heat and lack of moisture will be a continuing trend. Avoid an emergent and hazardous condition on your property. Tell your phone to call a Dallas Emergency Tree Service near me, like White Rock Tree Removal Service, for guidance on how to properly care for your urban trees. 

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