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Expert Dallas Emergency Tree Service

Any Dallas Emergency Tree Service, like White Rock Tree Removal Service, will tell you that trees improve Dallas's overall livability for myriad reasons. Like most of the U.S. Population, Dallas residents rely on the economic, ecological and social benefits of urban tree cover. The positive impacts of and challenges that come with maintaining urban trees will only increase as urban areas continue to expand. 

There have been many issues causing residents and businesses owners, of Uptown Dallas, East Dallas, Central Dallas and North Dallas communities, including Highland Park, University Park, Lakewood, Lake Highlands and Preston Hollow to engage the services of a Dallas Emergency Tree Service, like White Rock Tree Removal Service. From the unprecedented lack of moisture, to sudden wind damage and opportunistic infestations, emergency tree removal is happening all over Dallas. After an emergency tree removal, there is often the question of how to replace the removed tree. 

A professional Dallas emergency tree service can advise you about the challenges of planting in an urban area. An urban environment is harsher than a rural one for local trees. Proper planning when planting is a great place to start. White Rock Tree Removal Service recommends a 2 to1 rule when planning to plant a new tree. Plan for the long-term health of your newly planted trees by allowing 2 cubic feet of usable soil for every planned 1 square foot of mature canopy, allowing adequate space for successful maturation. Appropriate tree species, to the Dallas area, should be chosen and proper planting techniques should be utilized. Planting Texas Buckeye is recommended for smaller areas. For larger areas, Live Oak and Cedar Elm stand up well to Dallas's unique conditions, as long as they have the appropriate space and care to thrive. 

Help maintaining the health and integrity of mature urban trees is another driving factor causing calls for Dallas emergency tree service. Dallas has experienced extraordinary hot and dry conditions this year and mature Dallas trees are ready to feed. Dallas trees are depleted of nutrients after fighting to survive local conditions and need replenishment to prepare for the potentially extreme conditions headed for Dallas this winter. Temperatures are becoming favorable for deep root fertilization to strengthen root systems, which generally extend beyond a tree's canopy. This treatment causes thousands of tiny new fibrous roots to develop, to absorb the flood of nutrients now available to the tree. Root systems reinforced, in this way, provide a strong anchor for Dallas trees to combat the increasingly extreme weather events becoming common to our area. 

Ultimately, mature Dallas trees reduce structural energy use / cost and greatly decrease asphalt surface area and automobile cabin temperatures, thus reducing fuel use and improving air quality in urban areas. The sale prices of homes with mature trees are generally 3.5% - 4.5% higher than homes without mature trees. Consumer ratings of retail districts with mature trees are quantifiably higher, (up to 60% in some areas), than retail districts that are short on trees. There is even a statistical correlation between mature trees on public housing property and lower violent crime rates than similar public housing with no tree cover. 

Invest in all the benefits of healthy urban trees and forests.  Reach out for the guidance of a Dallas Emergency Tree Service, like White Rock Tree Removal Service, for a long term plan to plant, rejuvenate, and maintain your Dallas trees.

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