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With temperatures in Dallas looking to continue to be in the triple digits for the foreseeable future, it's important to call a local Insured Dallas Tree Service, like White Rock Tree Removal Service to inspect your trees for signs of heat stress and it's devastating effects. Most local Dallas trees can deal with the effects of a certain amount of heat above the usual high threshold but more and more we are seeing trees dying and succumbing to the other effects of heat stress. This includes limb breakage and limb drop, uprooted trees and buckled trees. All of these are the result of a common hazardous condition that most people don't even know they have, until it's too late.

When a local Dallas Tree Service, like White Rock Tree Removal Service, inspects trees for heat stress signs, generally we are looking for what is known as scorching. Scorching is the browning of the tree and wilting leaves and is a common effect on Dallas trees in times of extreme heat, lack of precipitation or drought like conditions.

Signs of heat stress may be hard to identify and it may be even harder to recognize signs of death in a tree that looks healthy. For instance a tree shedding it's leaves may be in an appropriate part of it's cycle. Trees also shed leaves as protection against the stressors of extended heat. An inexperienced observation of a tree may miss or confuse signs of heat stress. This is why it's best, if you're unsure, to engage a local Dallas Tree Service to give you a trained opinion to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones.

An example of where heat stress can be confused with other diseases is in the case of oak wilt. Oak wilt resembles scorching in many ways. Unlike heat stress, the browning of leaves and rotting leaf distal edges is a sign of a clogged water conducting vessels, and may have nothing to do with the availability precipitation. It's important to call a local Dallas Tree Service to find the foundation of symptoms of heat stress and other conditions so the appropriate measures, for the right issues, can be taken before you have bigger problems.

Missing or ignoring signs of heat stress can lead to an expensive removal and repair project, where early diagnosis and implementation of appropriate solutions could have saved the tree and protected the suddenly damaged property. Remember, in most cases you can get a cost free inspection, for signs of heat stress, from a local Insured Dallas Tree Service like White Rock Tree Removal Service. If you're trees are showing signs of browning, wilting, shedding leaves, or you're just not sure, it's always better and way less expensive to get ahead of possible problems with your trees, due to heat stress, than to have to suffer through an unfortunate Dallas tree service emergency.

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