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It's important to consult White Rock Tree Removal Service or another Lakewood local tree service if you have questions or concerns about your White Rock trees, during unseasonable heat, like all East Dallas trees will be seeing this coming week. Lakewood trees handle heat using a process called transpiration. Each leaf has stomata; little openings that open up to allow for H2O evaporation, which cools the tree. This protective system can get your trees through some ridiculously tough times. 


Humidity becomes hard to come by in excessive temperatures. Decreased humidity causes increased aridity, leaving less available water vapor. Lakewood trees respond by shutting the stomata to conserve water, which hinders cooling.


When cooling is hindered enough, White Rock Trees can actually succumb to thermal death, which is exactly what it sounds like. When this happens you need to quickly get your trees assessed by a qualified, local Dallas tree service to determine whether you will need Local Tree Removal to protect the value of your property and your loved ones. 


Any White Rock Tree Service will tell you, providing Lakewood trees with consistent H20 is key to Lakewood trees' survival. Best in the morning or evening, water replenishing Lakewood trees causes them to close their stomata less, increasing cooling and decreasing the chance you will need a Lakewood Tree Service as a result of the heat.


Mulching around the trunk and roots of Lakewood trees maintains the retention of moisture while protecting the soil from the heat. An even layer of 2-3 in. around the tree with a gap of about an inch around the trunk should do the trick. 


When caring for your White Rock property, in extreme weather, don't forget your trees and make a relationship with a local Lakewood tree service like White Rock Tree Removal Service. We'll be here for Lakewood, White Rock and all East Dallas when you need us. 


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