White Rock Tree Removal Service is a woman-owned, fully insured and community oriented, local White Rock tree service that is committed to providing excellent tree removal service. Our experienced Dallas tree service professionals offer a wide range of services, focusing on safe, responsible East Dallas emergency tree removal, prioritizing the integrity of your home and property. We are dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of every client. We appreciate your interest in our local Dallas tree service organization, and we are looking forward to serving you. Call us first or call us last. With our Affordable Tree Service Price Guarantee, you are sure to get the highest quality, most affordable tree service. Performing Dallas Tree Service in all East Dallas, North Dallas, Uptown and Park Cities Communities including: Highland Park, University Park, Preston Hollow, Forest Hills, Lakewood Heights, Wilshire Heights, Lakewood, Stonewall Terrace, Lochwood, Lake Park Estates, Old Lake Highlands and Caruth Terrace 24/7.

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Natasha Sollenne
Unfortunately, residents and businesses owners of the Uptown Dallas, East Dallas, Central Dallas and North Dallas communities, including Highland Park,...
Natasha Sollenne
With continued drought conditions, residents are doing everything they can to conserve water in all the East Dallas, North Dallas and Central Dallas communities...
Natasha Sollenne
Any Dallas Emergency Tree Service, like White Rock Tree Removal Service, will tell you that trees improve Dallas's overall livability for myriad reasons. Like...
Natasha Sollenne
After the recent windstorm that tore through East Dallas, University Park and Highland Park, the professional emergency tree removal service crews at White Rock...
Natasha Sollenne
After the recent, once in a thousand year, storm, homeowners and business owners in the Highland Park, University Park, East Dallas and North Dallas communities...
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