I know, sort of sounds funny but we do have a passion for our work.  This just came in today from one of our customers:

The passion Tree Wizards' crews have for making trees look good is infectious. They really take pride in their work. I had 5 trees done on my Lake Highlands property, and the cutters were taking pride in which ones they did and which one I liked best! There is no doubt in my mind that there is a craft to tree trimming, and I have never seen a company focus so much on this art. My trees looked dreadful before Tree Wizards got there, and I really felt like I was facing an expensive endeavor. Not only was the price more than reasonable, my trees look absolutely AMAZING. One of the crew welcomed me "to my new backyard." The company that is passionate about their product makes the customer passionate about the company. I highly recommend White Rock Tree Wizards. They are as good as the come.The owner joked that one of his customers nicknamed him the "Tree Whisperer." I am a believer!

Hugh Carspecken

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