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The Pecan tree makes just as big of statement as the state of Texas does itself. The Pecan Tree is mostly found in the southern states, but is the official state tree of Texas. Caring for your Pecan tree is very important to keep it looking healthy and beautiful.

There are five (5) primary considerations for the growth, maintenance and health of Pecan trees:

  1. Sunlight
  2. Water
  3. Nutrients
  4. Pests and Disease
  5. Pruning

White Rock Tree Wizards know exactly what your Pecan tree(s) need in order to stay health and continue to grow. The arborists at White Rock Tree Wizards will train your Pecan trees by pruning, thinning or surgery to

  • Manage fruit production/manage stress caused by over-fruiting;
  • Properly provide shade,
  • Maximize visual appeal,
  • Enhance property value,
  • Ensure safety to property and person, as well as
  • Vitalize the tree

These are the key components in making sure your Pecan tree last for years to come. Pruning your tree for management will cutback the over-fruiting, which adds stress to the tree resulting in poor health or death of a tree. When pruning, make sure you remove suckers, small branches and thin out long, heavy limbs removing about 10% of the limbs and branches.

There are few trees that inspire the awe, majesty and beauty of a large, mature well maintained tree like the Pecan. These trees can reach heights of 100’ or more in Dallas adding an average of $30,000 to the value of your property. Poorly maintained trees equates to a poorly maintained home. The safety of your home is obviously important, so a Pecan tree with too many limbs and branches will die and eventually break off crashing on your home, property, persons or pets.

Now that you know the importance of pruning, the question is – When should I prune? Well the answer is now. Arborists agree that early Spring or late Fall is the ideal time, so do not wait any longer and call White Rock Tree Wizard to help you prune and maintain your beautiful Pecan tree.

For more information about Pecan tree care and information please read the following article. 
Tree Care for Pecan Trees


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