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White Rock Rowing Men's Jr Lightweight 8+



Juniors and Masters Kick Off the Fall Head Race Season

Sunny skies, cooler temperatures and calm waters have made for some great racing so far this month, and all our athlete’s hard work during the grueling last days of summer is starting to pay off for White Rock Rowing.

Our Head Race season started October 3 in Oklahoma City on a 4000 meter course featuring a maze of buoys and bridges designed to freak out even our most seasoned navigators, the coxswains and bow seats. Smart steering and strong legs propelled our boats to victory in these 4 events:

Bronze (Men's Ltwt 8+) T Brewster, G Wood, C Plumettaz, A Furman, J Petroll, D Healey, P Kraus, A Owen, AJ Armenta

Bronze (Women's 4+) M Keane, K Hettrick, S Prado, L Haerle

Gold (Men's Master 2x) T Carr and P McDonough

Silver (Men's Masters 1x) T Carr

The medal count continued on October 10 at the Head of the Brazos in Waco. 5000 meters and eleven bridges later, White Rock Rowing made the winner’s circle in 5 events:

Bronze (Men's Jr 4x) P Krauss, N Blossfeld, T Brewster, G Wood • Silver (Women's Jr 2x) M Keane, S Prado

Gold (Men's Jr 8+) G Broberg, T Brewster, G Wood, D Healey, P Kraus, J Petroll, A Witcher, C Plumettaz, AJ Armenta

Silver (Men's Jr 8+) A Schweizer, J Cleveland, M Bardwell, T Botsch, C Jones, C Alexander, J Segrest, L Whittemore, G Gillman

Bronze (Men’s Jr 4+) C Newman, Z Schwartz, A Witcher, J Petroll, T Brewster



Right Back At It for a Strong Finish

The stage is set for more exciting racing at the Head of the Colorado in Austin on October 31st and our last race of the season, the Head of the Hooch in Chattanooga on November 7th. Our athletes are back at it, with daily practice and studying the racecourses ahead. With such promising results at these early races, we expect a strong finish in November. Be sure to check back next month for an updated medal count from some of our community’s finest athletes…GO WHITE ROCK ROWING!

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By Nan Miller

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