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13501813_10153737713367337_5010488386648240219_n.j Sling shots are a well-loved favorite. It is always fun to see the bean plants growing later in the summer (boys use beans and aim at tin cans). as a sweet memory from Boys Club

Studio Bella for Kids is gearing up for summer camps and is proud to announce it is celebrating it's ten year anniversary! We wanted to highlight a camp that goes back to the very beginning and how the whole camp began-Boys Club.

Studio Bella for Kids began back in 2008 because of a mom and two little boys, ages 4 and 7. With two acres of space, Studio Bella for Kids had the perfect location for boys to be boys-to run around and to create their very own bows and arrows, sling shots and rubber band shooters. We also make time to cool down, go inside and engineer other boy-loved such as catapults, robots and work on the well-loved Perler Bead station.  

And did I mention warrior paint?  And slime? There is nothing like seeing happy boys be themselves without a care in the world. 

Games make the camp a great place to be as active as they want to be. Add in capture the flag, games of sardines, good ole' fashioned tag, and a Friday celebration with water blasters and a waterslide, and you have a little slice of heaven for boys ages 5-10. 

There are two sessions Boys Clubcamp. June 11-15 and July 9-13 from 9 am- 12pm with a couple of spaces left. We hope your join us as we celebrate our tenth year! Feel free to take a look at some of our other camps, from Girls Club to Architecture, Paw Patrol and Vet Camp (with real animals visiting!)

A full list of camps  and the place to register is Questions? email Check us out on Facebook too!

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