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Mary Quick was back in Fellowship Hall at Central Christian Church Friday morning with a convoy of Instant Pots, sharing with humor and wit her knowledge of food preparation and ” hands-on how to” use this modern pressure cooker that is all the rage.

The Instant Pot—everyone has one or is thinking about getting one. Even the kitchen TV and cookbook gurus are getting in on using the popular appliance. Have you seen Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond’s floral signature pot?

And why not take advantage of it?  Today’s busy lifestyle requires time-saving methods and instant gratification. And that is exactly what the Instant Pot provides.

Mary went over the basic applications associated with pressure cooking and safety measures to assure that you do not get burned with steam.  Many people grew up hearing horror stories of how Grandma’s cooker blew up the kitchen. The Instant Pot has come a long way from the old stove-top pot and is reinforced with safety features. However, as always in the kitchen, common sense must be used and children should never be allowed to experiment with an Instant Pot.

Mary prepared Trader Joe’s 1-Minute Chicken Soup, Mississippi Pot Roast, Creamy Mac and Cheese and a dessert of cheesecake with Dulce de Leche, all cooked in the Instant Pot.  A tossed salad and buttered rolls finished the meal which everyone enjoyed after class.

Proceeds from the class go to Disciples Women’s Ministry to help fund the community outreach that the service organization provides.  If you would like more information on Central’s Disciples Women or on future cooking classes, contact Shelia Huffman at

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