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Rebuilding Together and Home Depot Crews

Tuesday, April 24 Dallas witnessed another tragedy when a triple shooting at a Home Depot fatally wounded one Dallas police officer and critically wounded another as well as a Home Depot Security Guard. 

The chase and resulting apprehension of the shooter ended in a residential area along the back lot of Central Christian Church.  

Central’s sympathy and prayers continue for the victims and their families. The church also continues to be thankful that due to the late evening hour of the chase, there were no people or pets in the community dog park where the chase ended, breaking through the dog park’s fence. 

Wednesday morning, following Tuesday’s tragic incident Cara Mendelsohn with “Rebuilding Together North Texas” showed up in the dog park and shared the good news with Pastor Ken Crawford that the organization would re-build the fence that was destroyed in the car chase at no cost to the church. 

“It was like a miracle,” church elder and co-property chair, Frank Whitington said. 

You might say that Rebuilding Together makes miracles happen. For over 40 years the non-profit has been rebuilding pride, community and the future by repairing and revitalizing homes and communities of families, seniors, people with disabilities and victims of disasters. Both determined and devoted the non-profit organization is raising awareness of the housing problems facing nearly 1.6 million Americans. 

The Home Depot Foundation through government grants partners with Rebuilding Together to provide building supplies as well as an army of professionals known as “Team Depot” to help make it all happen. 

Last week’s rain delayed the rebuilding action on the dog park fence by one week, but bright and early Thursday morning members from Team Depot showed up to begin prep work (demolition of the broken fence) for Friday’s Rebuilding Together volunteers. 

Long-time church member and treasurer, Jayne Hawley greeted the workers with breakfast tacos, donuts, coffee and juice. Dog park regulars, Liza Felder and her dog Pellinore, brought a variety of sandwiches from Subway for lunch.. 

Friday morning saw a new flurry of activity with the arrival of volunteers from Rebuilding Together North Texas as well as Home Depot. 

Again,the church showed appreciation with their hospitality.  Coffee, donuts and bagel from Oren the Bagel Man were provided to welcome the crew. 

There will be barking in the park, again!  With a brand new fence across the back of the dog park it will be open for business  and the dogs will be running, fetching and doing whatever it is dogs do in this happy place. 

The dog park was established 11 years ago. It has been rated “Best Dog Park in Dallas” by the Dallas Observer.  The first and third Sundays of the month, morning worship is held in the park so people can bring their dog to church. The dog park is a special place and it is a community park open to everyone. 

Central, the dog park regulars and the dogs are all grateful to Home Depot and Rebuilding Together North Texas for restoring the park "together."

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