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Due to the high cost of living, unemployment rates and unforeseen expenditures, many families are struggling financially.  “Back to school” is an exciting time in a child’s life, but it often means a financial burden on parents and many cannot afford the basic school supplies that are essential in helping their children be effective students. 

Additionally, schools across the country are facing budget cuts and cannot subsidize supplies that are needed by students and faculty.  

Economically disadvantaged children are “Children at Risk.” DISD has many schools in low-income neighborhoods with a high number of students on free meal plans.

A school supply drive is an easy way to help families and to have an impact on public education. Plus, if you no longer have kids at home, it’s just nostalgic fun to shop for pencils, crayons and notebooks, again!

Supplies collected by Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) will be delivered to Maple Lawn Elementary School.  Once at Maple Lawn, they will be distributed between Maple Lawn and Rusk Middle School.

You may drop supplies at the church office at 4711 Westside Dr.  through August 12, Monday thru Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Here are items needed:

• Crayons • Composition notebooks (WIDE RULE) • Pens • Pencils • Colored pencils • Glue sticks • Paper  (WIDE RULE loose leaf, manila or colored construction) • Scissors • Tissues  • Paper clips (large) • Tissue paper • Rulers • Markers • Dry Erase Markers • Sharpies • Erasers • Page protectors • Disinfectant wipes • Index cards • Hand-held pencil  sharpeners • Hand disinfectant • Band-aids • Copy paper  •Highlighters and • Backpacks.

The dollar stores and many other stores are loaded with merchandise for school right now, but if you are not up to shopping, you may make a monetary donation, noted school supplies, and the church staff at Central will make the purchases for you.  Thank you for helping kids succeed!

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