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Do you work from home?  If so, you probably love the flexibility and freedom that working from home allows. Additionally, work from home employees and entrepreneurs site traffic, out-of-sight gasoline prices, parking, dress codes and even company politics as great reasons to work from home.   And for many, an added pleasure of working from home is that you have your dog right by your side!

It’s all great, right?  But, bet you never thought you’d miss the conversation around the water cooler and the camaraderie of the weekly lunch bunch.

You can have the best of both worlds! Check out the co-working space available in the Mid-Century Modern building of Central Christian Church of Dallas.

Just like home, there is a fully operable kitchen for preparing a home-made lunch, plenty of dining tables for enjoying it and cozy sofas for when you need a break from the desk.

With “co-working” you can still have the pleasure of chats around the water cooler and at the Keurig coffee bar. And you have the much-coveted benefit of bouncing ideas around with others when you need a second opinion.

Work areas includes modular spaces with freshly painted walls in designer colors and light-filled windows looking out on mature Live Oaks. You may take a break from your lap-top with a walk around the manicured four-acre grounds or spend some quiet time in the meditation garden.  Or de-stress watching the dogs play in the one-acre dog park. If you are still not refreshed and relaxed, there is a Yoga studio.

Tuesday’s community lunch is a “bring and share” pot-luck.  Stop by for lunch and check out the atmosphere. Or call for an appointment to tour the building and discuss prices.   Day passes, two-week passes, monthly passes and more let you customize the plan that suits you best.

And yes, at this dog-friendly church, you can work with your dog by your side!

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