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David Aston and Amelita Facchiano

What is sanctuary drama?  Gossip about the person seated in the pew behind you or who brought the tastiest chicken casserole to the church pot-luck?  Neither, according to Central Christian Church Music Director, David Aston. 

Sanctuary drama is the use of dramatic interpretation to deliver a liturgical message.  It may be the “acting out” of a scripture, dramatic reading, liturgical dance or the incorporation of film and theater in conveying a message.

“When I was in high school, I was invited to attend ‘Government in Action’ in Washington D.C. and the United Nations in New York. During my stay I visited the Foundry United Methodist Church. The service began with 'Out, Out, Damn Spot,' from Shakespeare’s McBeth, David recalled.  “As a youngster from Texas, I had never seen orheard such narrative in church before— but it made a lasting impression.”

Music, dance and acting are some of the greatest teaching tools that we have available to us and several members of the church are talented musicians and actors with teaching credentials.  Central is also home to Dance Idea, a contemporary dance studio.

Members of Central’s talented chancel choir met Wednesday evening in the home of Tim Caffee and Brad Montano to discuss incorporating those modes of expression during Sunday morning service to enhance the worship experience.

Central’s vision is to be an inclusive church home to a diverse congregation. It is a long-time supporter of the arts, one of the first churches in Dallas to house a fenced, off-leash dog park and a church that provides extensive community outreach programs addressing today’s social and charitable needs.   

David and Assistant Music Director, Tim Caffee, always welcome young talent to perform in the sanctuary during Sunday service.  If you would like to audition, contact the church office at 214-526-7291 and ask for David or Tim.  

Morning worship is at 11 a.m. in the sanctuary on Sunday or 9 a.m. the first and third Sunday of the month in the dog park.  Come dream with us. All are welcome.   

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