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The second Sunday of Advent is when we celebrate The Hanging of the Greens at Central Christian Church in Dallas. 

It is one of the most festive days during Advent and many say that it is a favorite childhood memory. Come and bring the kids! Like decorating your tree at home, it is a time of preparation for Christmas and preparing ourselves for a new year living in the presence of God through our relationship with his son. 

The sanctuary is decorated with greenery and Poinsettias. Evergreens have long been symbolic of life and growth, and the Christmas Tree symbolizes everlasting life. 

The beautiful Poinsettia that grows wild in Mexico has become a distinctive symbol of Christmastime in America. However, Mexicans regard it as the “Flower of the Holy Night.”  They have a legend of a little girl who wept on her way to church one Christmas Eve because she had no gift to bring to the Christ Child.  As she knelt on the ground by the church to pray, she saw a gorgeous plant springing up before her and gladly took its red blossoms into the church as her Christmas gift and laid it on the altar.  

And, of course, candles are the reminders of Jesus Christ as the light of the world.  

Henry Dickoff, Steven Heffner and Ryan Folger of the University of North Texas Jazz Trio will join Central Music Director, David Aston, Assistant Music Director, Tim Caffee and the Chancel Choir in performing a beautiful music ministry. 

Following the worship service everyone will gather in Fellowship Hall to enjoy “A Taste of Christmas.” 

This is the day that the congregation brings their favorite Christmas party fare to share.  Cheese balls, sausage balls, fudge, divinity and more will fill the buffet.  You may even find a Figgy Pudding.  

Join Central at 11 a.m. Sunday morning. 

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