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Reverends Yvette and Kamilah and Dr. Irie

The Gathering is the newest nesting church in Central Christian’s 1950’s mid-century modern church building located on Westside Dr. in Dallas. 

Central (a Disciples of Christ denomination) is a mentoring church and offers space within their three story building to Connecting Point of Park Cities, a day program for adults with disabilities; The Berean Church, an Ethiopean congregation and SyncLife Co-Working, a strategy that provides work space for individuals on week-days from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Additionally, the church shares their four-acre grounds with a one-acre community dog park and holds outdoor worship services the first and third Sunday of each month for dogs and owners. 

These are only a few of the ways Central reaches out to the surrounding communities. 

Sharing is nothing new for Central and they welcomed their latest addition on October 14 of 2017. Started by three African American women, Rev. Dr. Irie Lynn Session, Rev. Kamilah Hall Sharp and Rev. Yvette B. Blair-Lovallais, The Gathering is grounded by the Black woman’s experiences.  

“Sexism is still alive, especially in the African American Society,” Rev. Session, fondly known as Dr. Irie, said. “The Gathering gives women, especially black women, the opportunity to preach. Through our love of church and preaching, which is God gifted, we formed The Gathering,” she said.  

The mission of The Gathering is Womanist Theology which challenges the contructs of patriarchy, sexism and the dominant narrative.  It is about African American women using their voices and their experiences against oppression, to preach messages of liberation and healing and to set the captives free. 

How is this church different from traditional services?  “It is not really different, but we do have an open floor discussion following the service which gives people the chance to ask questions and explore issues,” Rev. Kamilah Sharp said.  

The evening I visited The Gathering, Jason Redick was a guest Communion server.  I asked Jason what he liked about the service and he responded with “the relevant and timely messages delivered by the preachers.” 

The Gathering meets in the fellowship hall of Central Christian Church on Saturday evenings at 6 p.m.  Childcare is provided and light snacks are served. 

“All are welcome!  REALLY!”                  

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