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Members of clergy along with interested citizens gathered at Central Christian Church, Wednesday, for lunch and conversation following the tragic events that again took place in our Nation this weekend.

Clearly Americans agree, “Enough is enough!”

What can we do, what do we need to do, to respond with concrete action to the mass shootings, fears and prejudices in our country, which, obviously have roots even right here in North Texas,” Central’s Pastor, Rev. Dr. Ken Crawford asked?

He opened the discussion asking the questions, “What categories of conversation do you see that we need to have?” and “What comes under those categories, such as learning, conversation, commitment and action?”

The group responded by sharing the following suggestions:

  • Get and stay informed. - read, watch, listen
  • Develop our emotional intelligence
  • Engage with and lobby our representatives - show up, call, write letters.
  • Vote.
  • Have the courage to engage in conversation. Ask questions and don’t shy away from uncomfortable topics.
  • Decide what you are willing to risk.
  • Bear witness to suffering.
  • Become an ally to marginalized communities, without presuming to speak for them. Amplify voices when appropriate.
  • Use your platforms, whatever they are, to elevate the conversation.
  • Be a conscious consumer of ideas in the media.
  • Join together with community members and faith leaders who share your concerns.

Groups and organizations who are engaging these issues were also shared during the conversation as was a suggested reading list of books that deal with the topics addressed at the meeting.

The conversations are in no way a resolution, but meant to be the alpha, the beginning, to determine ways that "we the people" can start the movement to put an end to these needless tragedies.

Talk to your faith leader or one from any area church about your concerns. If you would like a copy of the organizations who are currently addressing these issues or a copy of the suggested reading list contact Central’s church office at 214- 526-7291.

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