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Kirsten Joy Burch

“It begins with the breath,” Kirsten Joy Burch, Director of Westside Wellness, located at 4711 Westside Dr., explains when talking about the benefits of yoga for seniors.  “And, it does not have to be hard,” she said. "Most of the time you are sitting in a chair."

The Thursday afternoon class is designed for seniors of varying levels of ability, to give them the benefits of stretching and simple exercises to promote balance, bone density, improved circulation and joint lubrication.

Simple seated movements combined with mindful breathing help improve your immune system by increasing blood flow to your lymphatic system. Using props to help you stabilize, you can lubricate joints and improve circulation with simple standing poses while improving strength and balance. 

"Everyone knows the importance of good balance to prevent life-changing falls," Kirsten said.

The Thursday class, held at 2 p.m., in the church Fellowship Hall, is a small, informal group that lets you participate at your pace.  It is open to everyone and you do not need a reservation or a commitment to a series of classes.  It is drop-in, $10.00 at the door. If you want more information call 214-526-7291.

Come see what you can do and how good you will feel!

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