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“Living in a scientific age, part of our responsibility as thinking people of Faith is to proclaim that Faith is not the enemy of reason, logic or the scientific method - these things are given to us by God for our blessing. As people of Faith we do well to trust reason and logic, while also remaining open to mystery and miracles,” was the message delivered by Rev. Dr. Ken Crawford Sunday morning at Central Christian Church, (Disciples of Christ) in Dallas.

Worship ended with the choir and congregation singing “What a fellowship, what a joy divine, leaning on the everlasting arms.” Members were invited to take flowers, as a remembrance, from the Easter trees before gathering in Fellowship Hall for another celebration of the joy shared by those attending Central.

Although the congregation had to say “good-bye” to long time member Frances Mosier and wish her well on her new adventure, moving to Oklahoma to be closer to family, members had the opportunity to visit with dear friend, Bob Boyles, as he celebrates his 89th birthday.  Bob recently joined his daughter in McKinney, Texas so Central doesn’t see him as often as they once did. Yesterday was truly a celebration of Central’s family.

If you are looking for a church family, look no farther.  Visit Central! Everyone is welcome! There is a new children’s choir and a summer drama camp where your children are welcome, a colorful, professionally tended nursery where your babies and toddlers are welcome, a dog park and Sunday dog park worship service where your dog is welcome and co-working space where your lap-tap is welcome. There are Sunday School classes, twelve step programs, senior field trips, a wellness center and more.

Sign up for Kirsten’s graceful aging class Thursday or Pastor Ken’s crepe making class next Saturday.  There is something for everyone at Central!  For more information contact Shelia at   

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