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Chair Yoga

“It begins with the breath,” Kirsten Joy Burch said, as she led the “aging gracefully” class through a series of breathing exercises Thursday afternoon at Westside Wellness

Slow and deep breathing from chest to stomach, counting inhales and exhales to breathing in one nostril and out the other began the one-hour session of gentle moves and stretches that Kirsten, a holistic wellness lifestyle consultant, assures will improve balance, expand mobility and relax facial muscles that will soften lines and wrinkles.   

Although there was nothing strenuous or difficult in the session, some of us, like me, who as a writer spends far too many hours sitting at a computer, felt the results the following day which proves there is benefit to the chair yoga practice.   

The session, ending as began, with breathing and meditation, was just enough that everyone was anxious to sip the refreshing water infused with citrus, mint and cucumber that vibroacoustic therapist, Denae Richards, had prepared for the class.

You need no special equipment or clothing.  As you can see by the photos the exercises can be done anywhere—living room, dining room, at your desk, on your porch, wearing everyday clothing like loose-fitting capris or stretchy pants.

If it sounds simple, it’s because it is! Simple seated movements combined with mindful breathing help improve your immune system through your lymphatic system.  Joints are lubricated and circulation improved through gentle stretches. Strength and balance are improved with standing poses, even holding onto a chair. 

If you missed Thursday’s class, Kirsten will be teaching again this coming Thursday at 2 p.m.  $10.00 at the door! 

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