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Nicole visits with class to find out what they want to accomplish.

Nicole Payseur, Yoga Maestra, taught Thursday’s Graceful Aging class at Westside Wellness Center.

The class is designed for seniors to give them the benefits of stretching and simple exercises to promote balance, bone density, improved circulation and joint lubrication.

“It begins with the breath,” Kirsten Joy Burch, Director of Westside Wellness, explains when talking about the benefits of yoga for seniors.  “And, it does not have to be hard,” she assures.

Simple seated movements combined with mindful breathing help improve your immune system by increasing blood flow to your lymphatic system.  You can lubricate joints and improve circulation with simple standing poses while improving strength and balance.  You can learn to use props to help you stabilize while moving fluidly.

This Thursday’s class was taught by Yoga Master Instructor, Nicole Payseur.  Nicole has instructed with Dallas Yoga Center for over 10 years, is a Business Coach and attorney from NYC. 

Before the class, Nicole visited with each participant to find out what they would like to achieve and to discuss their limitations due to surgeries, injuries, etc.

“But, I don’t sugar coat” Nicole said.  “I often remind the ladies that the fastest way to die is to fall and break a hip! Not on my watch or if I can help it,” she adds.

“Downward Facing Dog,” “Tree Pose” and meditation from a chair?  Nicole explains the benefit of each exercise as she encourages the class “to repeat the move, stay in the pose, and/or hold it” followed by praise for a job well done.

At the end of the one- hour class, Nicole asked the women to summarize what they had gleaned from the session.

“That I really need to stretch, I need to practice balance and I am more flexible than I had thought” were some comments shared by the women. The one thing they all agreed on— time well spent.

The Wellness Center is located at 4711 Westside Dr. in the Park Cities. The Thursday group is drop in and open to all.  $10 at the door. 

Nicole, teaching anatomically intelligent yoga, will be a regular at Westside Wellness. Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 9 a.m. she will lead a fast paced Vinyasa Flow Class for advanced Yogis and on Wednesday’s she will be available for private yoga sessions. You can reach her at

There is something for everyone at Westside Wellness. Yoga, Tai Chi, Nutrition Counseling, Vibroacoustic Therapy and more. 

“You are never too old or too young to take care of your body, soothe your mind, and vitalize your energy. Everyone can participate and everyone can benefit,” Director Kirsten Burch reminds men and women of all ages. Contact her at

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