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Come on out to the Spring Festival

Come to Central Dog Park for a morning of fun and festivity. It’s an Easter brunch gone to the dogs. Enjoy fruit and croissants while your dog runs and plays with other dogs in the rustic, fenced-in park.

The dog park is located at 4711 Westside Drive. Established by the church as part of community outreach over a decade ago, it has continued to grow in popularity with the neighborhood and City of Dallas.

There is plenty of seating under the shade of mature Live Oaks in the one-acre, off-leash dog park so you can relax, listen to music and visit with other people who share your love of animals.

As with all of Central’s church activities, there is something for everyone! Toe-nail trims will be offered. You can purchase a “Spring Fever” T-Shirt if you like. That silly rabbit, Peter Cottontail, will be hopping around the park for photo opportunities of you and your dog with the bunny. 

Marleigh's Friends will be on hand with some examples of the love you might bring into your life if you are ready to add a new member to your household. Named after the president’s baby daughter, Marleigh’s Friends is a nonprofit, volunteer and foster run rescue based in the Dallas area that just started up last December.

You can meet Jenn and Sherrie and guys and girls like Roko, Dickens, Francis and Frodo so that you have a contact when you are ready to adopt.

Penelope, adopted last October from Cody’s Friends Rescue, will be around to say "hello." A few months ago, Penelope didn’t look like she looks today.  She was frightened, malnourished and had lost most of her hair due to flea infestation when she was rescued from a kill shelter. With love and care, she quickly blossomed into the adorable dog pictured.   

A similar experience can be yours.  You may find an unloved dog, one whose life has known no joy or hope, and give him or her a place in your heart.  So be sure and stop by the rescue tent.

All dogs will leave the festival with a treat and you with memories of a special time spent with your best friend— your dog.  All are welcome and it’s all free. But if you wish to make a monetary donation, it will be appreciated and will go to the upkeep of the community dog park.

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