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Haven’t heard of it?  I hadn’t either.  But after spending an hour with Denae Richards in her therapy room at Westside Wellness Center Friday afternoon experiencing relaxing sounds and gentle vibrations in this holistic approach to relieving many symptoms that plague our bodies and minds, I want more.  I want to know more and experience more.

The treatment is a science-based practice that has been studied by researchers worldwide including the National Institutes of Health (NIH).  NIH reports the benefits of using vibroacoustic therapy for stress relief, migraines, Parkinson’s, PTSD, anxiety, physical injuries, brain function, COPD, Asthma and many other conditions.

Alternative or holistic medicine is certainly nothing new.  Herbs and poultices were studied and used long before modern medicine. As strides were made in the medical field we began relying more and more on pills and injections to relieve our aches and pains.  And, thank God for modern medicine. Many lives have been saved by miracle drugs and surgical procedures. 

But somewhere along the way, the twain did meet and today we combine medical discoveries with a holistic approach to ensuring better health for ourselves, our family and even our pets.   

Message therapy, acupuncture and meditation are no longer foreign terms to us. Tai Chi, yoga, diet and exercise all play a role in healthy lifestyles.  And, of course, eating organic is not a fad, but a way to help control what goes into our bodies.

Sound therapy is a little newer to me and perhaps to you.

I asked Denae how she got involved in vibroacoustic therapy.  Her answer was simple, “I have always loved sound.” “I loved sound even as a child when I played the piano,” she said.

We all know the power of music in evoking emotions. And we have learned that emotions have a physical effect on our bodies. We also know that relaxation and relieving stress are proven tools in making us feel better and helping our bodies heal.

Here is what happens in a session with Denae.  You are fully clothed, removing only your shoes.  (It is suggested that you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing.)  You lie down on the table— a comfortable massage table that has been fitted with electronic devices and a comfy cover.  Aroma therapy adds to the pleasurable experience, if you choose.  Head phones and eye mask block out the world as you begin to relax and meld with the melodic sounds.  

“People have different experiences during the session,” Denae explained. Some see colors, others sleep. I had the sensation of being enveloped and wanting to sink deeper into the comfort I was feeling.  An extended benefit was a better night’s sleep following the session.

Vibroacoustic therapy is one of the many services offered at Westside Wellness Center located at 4711 Westside Drive. Call 214-207-4702 or email for an appointment or to tour the facility.

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