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As the weather gets colder make sure your pets are inside. Also, if you are wanting to share with the less fortunate this Christmas season, think about donating to your local SPCA or one of the many animal rescues in your area. Homeless dogs and cats need our help.
If you are looking for a pet, consider adopting, but please don’t purchase from pet stores, online or from a flea market. Puppy mills are likely their source for obtaining dogs for resale and when you give them your money you are enabling and encouraging the atrocities that take place in puppy mills.
Heart set on having a purebred? And there is nothing wrong with that but do your homework and find a reputable breeder. Good breeders look out for where their litters are going. Although you can’t purchase a dog at a dog show, it is a fun way to see various breeds and meet reputable breeders.
One last thing on Christmas—The Christmas Puppy! Dogs are not toys to make someone ooh and aah Christmas morning only to be discarded when the newness wears off. They are a 14 to 15 year or better commitment that requires time, patience, love and money. Make sure you are ready to be a pet owner.
Merry Christmas to you and your furry family!
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