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Wheels at Turtle Creek

Hi, I’m Wheels, the BubbleLife Boston Terrier special contributor.

My owner insisted that I write this story as a public service testimonial encouraging pet owners to have their pet microchipped.

Wednesday afternoon I discovered a small hole in our backyard fence. There is a whole lot of construction work being done in my neighborhood right now, and a space in the alley fence was large enough for me to squeeze under and get out of my yard.

When my owner realized that I was missing from our yard she immediately began searching the neighborhood for me. With no luck finding me, she returned home to print my picture and call friends to help in the search for me.

While she was home, Petfinders called her on the telephone and said that I was being “held” at Vickery Place Animal Hospital. Well, they hadn’t “pawprinted” and booked me but they had read my microchip. The animal clinic staff called the national company of Petfinders with the microchip number and they immediately called my home with information of my whereabouts.

My owner came for me and took me from the nice ladies at the clinic who were feeding me biscuit treats.

This was our first personal experience with Petfinders and we were thankful for the service.

Have your pet microchipped and keep the information updated. If you move or change your phone number, send the new information to Petfinders.

No time is a good time for a pet to get lost, but now with the colder temperatures and the shorter daylight hours, it makes it even more difficult to find a missing dog.


Wheels is a 6-year-old Boston terrier from Grant’s Pass, Oregon. He trained and worked hard with his owner and handlers to achieve his AKC championship in conformation. His registered name is Ch. Sunglo’s Cruisin’ in a Tuxedo. Thank you to the lady who found him in the neighborhood and took him to the animal clinic.

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