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Suzy Moritz

Local artist, Suzy Moritz-Rawdin, has had a passion for bringing the canvas to life ever since she was a young child.


“I began painting right out of the womb,” Moritz said.  “My mother was an artist and I recall hanging onto her hem as a small child while she painted murals in homes in the upscale neighborhood of River Oaks in Houston, where I was born."


Artistic talent did not stop with that mother-daughter team. Moritz’s daughter, J.T., and son in law, Richard Hayler, are color artists and co-owners of The Songbird Society, an artistically appointed hair salon just off Knox Street where Moritz has an on-going exhibit of her paintings.


I caught up with Moritz at The Songbird Society, where we, pardon the pun, killed two birds with one stone: my interview with Moritz and her color touch-up.   Moritz’s busy schedule had her just returning to Dallas from a trip to Angel Fire, New Mexico late the night before.


Known for her “big sky” scapes and landscapes, New Mexico is an ideal inspiration for Moritz.  She makes several trips a year to the land of enchantment, where she visits and photographs scenery in Taos and other picturesque towns.


But her heart and home are in Dallas.  She lives in Lakewood and has a studio in The Cedars. She is married to Scott Rawdin and along with their daughter, J. T., they have two granddaughters, Georgie and Parker.  Parker is a student at Lakewood Elementary and Georgie a student at Woodrow Wilson High School where she is following grandma’s foot steps in Woodrow’s Art Department.


With many ties to East Dallas, Moritz has been the art director for the Junius Heights Historic District Home Tour for the past six years.


Last April she had over 500 pen and ink drawings on display in the new Omni Dallas hotel.


Much of her work is commissioned by people in the community who have seen her art and want their own personal painting or drawing.


Moritz paints in oil, acrylic, pen and ink and watercolor with sizes ranging from small canvas to murals.  Besides houses, sky and landscapes, animals are one of her favored subjects.  Many Dallas families proudly display a Suzy Moritz painting of their pet in their home or office.


“Pets bring a lot of repeat business” Moritz said. “To capture their personality, I start with their eyes,” she said.  “The eyes are the soul and as I continue painting the animals, I can talk to them through their eyes.”


The annual Cedars Open Studios Tour on November 22 is a great time to meet Moritz in person and view her artwork.


Moritz’s studio, Cedars Art and Soul, is located at 1505 Beaumont in The Cedars in Dallas.







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