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Someone is gonna love ya, warts and all

Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) with Dallas Summer Musicals Academy of Performing Arts hosted a two-week drama camp on their campus June 13 thru 26.  The camp ended with an on-stage production of selections from the musical “Honk! Jr.” that  played to a full house. 

The script for “Honk! Jr.”  was adapted especially for young performers with a score by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe who wrote the music for "Mary Poppins." 

The story line is based on the classical tale of “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen. It is a timeless account of searching for one’s own identity as opposed to assimilation. Written over 150 years ago, the message of the story could not be more appropriate or essential then than it is today—celebrate being different; everyone is special!

In these fragmented times of our society, it is crucial that children receive acceptance from others and are brought up with tolerance toward others. 

The story focuses on a question that children often ask, “Where do I fit in?”  In the case of the ugly duckling (turns out he was a beautiful swan in the fairy tale) there was a happy ending. We strive to promote such endings in real life through the arts. 

Central Christian Church has always promoted musical ministry and theatrical performances in their worship.  Located in the educational wing of the building, the church’s fellowship hall has a fully operable stage and has produced many shows under the direction of the late Ed Delatte with a troupe made up of Central members named The Westside Players.

The Sunday performance of music and dance was a spectacular event enjoyed by members of the congregation and their guests and family and friends of the children. 

The cast performed the musical number “Warts and All” in the sanctuary at the beginning of Sunday morning worship.  Following the service the congregation and guests enjoyed a light buffet reception before the on-stage performance. 

If you want more information regarding Central Christian Church or Dallas Summer Musicals Academy of Performing Arts, visit their websites. 

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