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The ancient practice of Tai Chi is growing in popularity in Dallas and in numbers at Central Christian Church

What is Tai Chi?  Formally known as Tai Chi Chaun, it is an ancient form of martial arts originating in China and believed to have been inspired by the movements of a snake and a crane during a confrontation. The snake won the contest due to its slow, concentrated movements. 

A Thursday morning class in Tai Chi is being taught at the church by Mark Faust and each week welcomes an onslaught of newcomers. 

Due to evidence that Tai Chi can and does improve health, especially those health issues of concern to senior citizens, such as balance, strength and flexibility, it is gaining the reputation of medicine in motion. 

The cost is $5.00 per class and there is no commitment required.  Join us next Thursday morning.  Contact the church office for more information.    

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