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Monica Womack washes Jayne Hawley's hands

At Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), theology is an important aspect of worship. So much so that knowledge of the Bible and strong teaching skills were high priorities set by the congregation when recently looking to fill the position of senior pastor at the church. 

New Central minister, Dr. Ken Crawford, met those requirements as well as other desirable traits in a pastor. 

In addition to weekly Bible Study taught by Dr. Crawford, the congregation frequently engages in “Living History,” a common teaching practice of learning through re-enactment or doing. 

Such was the service on Maundy Thursday when the Last Supper was re-enacted and a Seder meal was served as members of the congregation gathered in “the upper room” in the church fellowship hall. 

The supper, consisting of roast beef and vegetables along with the symbolic foods of the Passover Plate such as a roasted egg, shank bone, bitter herbs, charoset and matzo were consumed during the meal.  Even a symbolic “washing of the feet” was incorporated into the service, turning the Maundy Thursday service into not only a worship service during Holy Week, but a lesson in Biblical history. 

Central may be the oldest continuously operating Protestant church in Dallas (it celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2013) but it is young at heart— inventively and resourcefully giving new life to attending church.  

If you are interested in learning more about the Bible or the Disciples of Christ you may want to attend Central’s “Brown Bag Bible Study.”  The weekly class is held in Fellowship Hall at 12 noon on Wednesday.  There is no charge and you are welcome to bring a sack lunch.  Drinks are complementary at the church.   

For more information call the church office at 214-526-7291 and ask for Laura. 

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