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Helping victims of Harvey

Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a collection point for items needed to help victims and volunteers affected by Hurricane Harvey. 

Central is located at 4711 Westside Drive, between Mockingbird Lane and Lemmon Avenue.  From the front parking lot you may enter the church from either door, the entrance closest to the parking lot or the one directed by the sign pointing to the office.  Ring the bell for entry if the door is locked. 

Although most authorities agree that the most needed item right now is money, hygiene kits and clean-up buckets are also in demand. 

Hygiene kits are easy to create.  Place a wash cloth, hand towel, a wide toothed comb, (removed from the package, fingernail or toenail clipper (removed from package), 1 bath size bar of soap in the wrapper, toothbrush in the package, (no toothpaste) and 10 standard size Band-Aids in a zip-lock baggie.  For specifics on towel size see Central’s website.

Current and new information will remain on Central’s website. 

Another hands-on project that is great for a classroom or a neighborhood block is a clean-up bucket.  You will need: 

One five-gallon bucket with re-sealable lid (If bucket has been used, clean well but do not use if it has held chemicals of any kind.)

Four scouring pads

Seven sponges, including one large

One scrub brush

Eighteen reusable cleaning towels (e.g. Easy Wipes)

One 50 oz. or two 25 oz. bottle(s) of liquid laundry detergent

One 16-28 oz. bottle of liquid disinfectant dish soap

One 12-16 oz. bottle of household cleaner that can be mixed with water (no spray bottles)

One package of 48-50 clothespins

Clothes line wire, (two 50 ft. or one 100 ft.)

Five dust masks

Two pairs non surgical latex gloves

One pair work gloves, cotton with leather palm or all leather

24-28 heavy duty or contractor type 30-45 gallon trash bags on a roll and removed from carton

One 6-9 oz. bottle of non-aerosol insect repellent 

All cleaning items must be new – all liquid items must be capped and securely tightened. Place all items into the bucket, making sure they are packed securely to avoid damage during shipment. Snap the lid on tight and seal with packing tape. 

Everyone feels so helpless when watching the destruction and rescue efforts on T.V., but these are way you can help and teach your children the importance of helping others during a disaster. 

For your convenience, we have set up the collection point at Central and we will get your contribution to the right place.


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