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Happy New Year from the Book Trotters

Floating on a barge through France surrounded by good books, good wine, good food and good conversation—charming, enchanting and irresistible! Combine that setting with a beautifully, well written story and the result—the most popular summer read of 2015, the New York Times Best Seller List and a translation into 30 languages.   

You probably guessed it; “The Little Paris Bookshop: A Novel” by Nina George was the Book Trotters book selection. 

If you haven’t already curled up with a glass of wine, a cozy fire and your “reader”—do it now. Quotes regarding “Bookshop” include “it’s a treasure,” “an utter delight” and “a journey worth taking.” 

The Book Trotters, the Lakewood book club, read it over the Christmas holidays and met at Times Ten Cellar, Monday evening for a philosophical discussion of the charming story about Jean Perdue, the novel’s main character, who buys a floating barge and turns it into a floating book apothecary. Perdue believes that books can heal you, and has the ability to read a person’s soul and figure out what book to prescribe them.  

What book club member selected this book for the December read?  Reviewer and raconteur— the charming Rose Mary Rumbley.   

Along with wine, the club members enjoyed sandwiches, pate, Brie, macaroons, chocolates and other food associated with French cuisine.  

Sadly, member Pam Thomas lost her father in 2015.  Pam checked out the book that the Book Trotters donated to the Lakewood Library in her father's memory and brought it to the meeting to share with the group. The donated book"Baseball's Golden Age: The Photographs of Charles M. Conlon" was beautifully inscribed "Presented to the Lakewood Library by The Book Trotters in memory of Alf Taylor Jr., beloved father of Pam Thomas.” 

If your organization is looking for a dedication and would like to memorialize with a book, contact the Lakewood Library for details.

Happy New Year from The Book Trotters.

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