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RE/MAX agents posing with bicycles


If you step into the offices of RE/MAX DFW Associates you will be greeted by brightly colored, shiny, new bicycles—boy’s bikes, girl’s bikes, pink bikes, red bikes and blue.  

No, the agents haven’t traded their four door sedans for bicycles but have collected them to donate to the WilkinsonCenter as part of the Center’s Christmas Bicycle Drive. 

Located in Lake Highlands, this is the offices’ second year to choose bicycles for their Christmas charity.  Realtor Lee Dirickson headed up the drive for RE/Max this year and I asked him just what it is about bicycles that made the two wheelers the choice for Christmas donations. 

“Because these kids likely won’t get a bike without the help of the community,” Dirickson said.  “I still remember waking up on Christmas morning when I was seven years old to the bicycle that Santa had left under the Christmas tree for me.  I rode that bike until I wore it out.” 

The bicycles will be gathered by representatives of the WilkinsonCenter Friday morning and delivered to the Buckner Blvd. facility in East Dallas.  Qualified families have the opportunity to “Christmas shop” at the Center for their children’s Christmas wish lists. 

Part of the WilkinsonCenter’s mission is to maintain their clients’ dignity by treating them with respect, and helping break the cycle of poverty— allowing the clients to reclaim their lives. 

Wilkinson Center is a leading poverty rescue and prevention agency for the working poor, serving over 14,000 people annually, mainly in East and Southeast Dallas. WilkinsonCenter offers hope, inspiration, and the basic necessities and tools to empower its clients to become self-sufficient and improve their lives. 

If you want to help, it’s not too late to donate a bicycle or to join some members of the RE/MAX team at the WilkinsonCenter on Saturday, December 19 as packages are wrapped and labeled in preparation for gift distribution.

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