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This Christmas tree is for the birds.  No, it’s not a “bah, humbug” sentiment about Christmas.  It is a Christmas tree placed in the prayer garden of Central Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and decorated by the teammates of Connecting Point of Park Cities (CPPC) especially for the birds. 

CPPC is a nonprofit day habilitation program for adults with disabilities.  It opened its door on June 24, 2014 in the educational building of the church. 

The participants in the program, known as “teammates,” spend their days learning life skills such as current events, telling time and preparing simple meals to enable them to live an independent life. 

They also learn the value of giving to the community.  They have stuffed candy in eggs for Central’s Easter Egg Hunt, made beautiful ornaments to attach to the pumpkin pie boxes that are delivered to the Austin Street Center at Thanksgiving and hosted a Christmas party for the dogs that visit Central’s Community Dog Park. 

This year the teammates made Christmas ornaments by frosting wooden snowflakes with peanut butter and sprinkles of birdseed to hang on the outdoor tree. 

What more proof do we need during this season of Advent that His eye is on the sparrow?

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