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Cast your Super Bowl vote with a can of soup

Sunday was SOUPer Bowl Sunday as well as Super Bowl Sunday.  SOUPer Bowl is a day of caring and sharing with less fortunate families in the community—those who are often more concerned with getting food on the table than the tailgate. 

Central Christian Church is a giving and charitable church, making every effort to give to the community whenever there is a need.  And when it comes to fun—we’re guilty of that, too! 

Sunday, three boxes were placed in Fellowship Hall; one for the Patriots, one for the Falcons and one for the Cowboys, (who didn’t make it to Super Bowl but had a good season).  The congregation voted for the winning team with a can (or cans) of soup that will be delivered to North Dallas Shared Ministries.  

As you can see by the photo of soup cans, at Central, we believe in miracles.  The Cowboys won and they weren’t even playing.  

After voting for their favored team, the congregation headed for the soup line to enjoy a bowl of home-made soup to warm up for the real game later in the afternoon. 

Pots of vegetable, posole, chicken taco, potato and queso soup lined the buffet along with condiments, bread, veggie crudities and dessert for an afternoon of great fellowship.

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