Home owners are sometimes left with no option apart from replacement windows & doors when it comes to repairing or remodeling their house.  Many may think that it is better to leave such jobs to a professional which is fine if you can afford one. But, for those who have a tight budget it can easily be done by you at home.

To get started with project replacement doors and windows you need to make sure that you have all the right tools and all safety equipment not forgetting a first aid box in case of an accident.

Selecting the correct doors and windows for both the exterior and interior of the house can be very challenging. Many home owners today look for energy efficient windows and doors to heat their house during the cold winter season and also keep it nice and cool during the hot summer months. This will help reduce your electricity bill as you will naturally use the air condition less. If the door or window you choose is of inferior quality you will not get the result required and therefore you may end up redoing the replacement project again.

Listed below are a few tips for the ‘do it yourself’ home owner;
  1. You must know the dimensions of the sliding door you want to replace so that you can purchase a new door which is of the same size. You will have to measure across and the bottom of the door using a carpenters measuring tape.
  2. Once you have an accurate reading of the size of the door you need to decide on which side you will place the sliding panel. This can easily be achieved by looking at the labels on your old sliding door. A handful tip for first timer is that the Letter “O” will appear on the door that will be fixed and the letter “X” on the door that will slide.
  3. Next you need to decide on the type of frame you want to install for your sliding door. You can choose between replacement frames or retrofit frame. If you choose to use the first option you may need to trim down the frame Keep in mind that all trimming work can be done before the replacement doors and windows arrive. However, if you find that the previous frame is flush you can use a retrofit frame.
  4. If you can easily decide on the above mentioned choices then finding a sliding door that meets your needs is not going to be troublesome at all.
  5. Have all the installation tools on hand such as dust mask, safety glasses, caulk, liquid nails, and any other material that you feel will be necessary.
  6. Finally install the replacement door windows as soon as it arrives.
Keep in mind that during the replacement project the house will be open to exterior conditions and therefore you must choose a time to do your work when the conditions are more favorable. Get free door window replacement quotes at
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