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It seems more people are up to repairing their door frames at home. The small damages to door frame usually appears too little to call in a professional. But the enthusiastic homeowners need to know the basic on how to repair wooden door frame before they can undertake the odd job around the house. Many times children may run into partly open doors with toys heavy enough to cause frame damage. The weather may also cause patches of rot which makes the overall appearance old and weather beaten. To put the little annoyance straight just follow the short tips in precise order to save time and effort. The little repair done to the door frame will also save the money otherwise going to the labor charges of a professional.

The door frame repair is simple and will give the occupant a sense of having done something right. The process of how to repair wood door frame will begin with identifying the type of problem and the remedy required. The door frame repair job will make the still hung and undamaged door as good as new again. If the damage is not extensive there will be no need to replace the entire door frame. Most of the problems occurring with a door frame can be put right with the help of a matching patch. The first precaution before beginning the door frame repair is to remove any and all the nails in and around the damaged or rotted part.

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There are many homeowners or people occupying houses where the doors are exposed to moist weather. Chances are high that the door frames get rotted. This problem must be addressed as soon as the smallest patch is detected to prevent the rot from spreading. The steps for how to repair rotten wood door frame are simple. Nail some pieces of wood to mark out the borders of the damaged part. This will fix the frame when the damaged part is cut out. Use a router to measure out the damaged area. A straight cutting router bit can be used to adjust the depth of the patch. Next remove the damaged part of the wooden frame by cutting along the borders and carving it out.

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The first part of how to repair wood door limited to the door frame has begun. Chisel and match the sides of the frame hole and the patch so they fit exactly. Take some wood glue and spread it evenly on the inside surface of the patch. Place it on the door frame with the help of a few nails to fix it until the glue sets. Do not touch it or do anything more until it has set firmly. It is always good to leave it alone for at least a day. Get some primer and matching paint from the hardware store. Apply the primer to the patch and cover it by spraying it with the matching paint. Do not forget to pull out the finishing nails used to fix the patch. provides detailed information on matters related to how to repair wood door, windows doors replacement, window and door repair service, window and door repair costs, window door repair reports, windows and door repair estimates. It will also show you details on door and windows information and on other related matters.

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