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Pinot’s Palette is an art studio created to celebrate the Picasso in us all. Although some of us may not be artistically gifted, doesn’t mean we still don’t like to express ourselves through art. Anyone who enjoys art and wants to paint can create their own masterpiece at Pinot’s Palette. Our artists guide class participants step-by-step through the featured painting, ensuring everyone completes their masterpiece by the end of class.

Our classes are designed to appeal to painters of all levels—even those who have never picked up a paintbrush. Classes are held in the evenings every Thursday, Friday and Saturday with occasional classes on other nights during the week and on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Although Pinot’s Palette is a BYOB (bring your own booze) art entertainment studio for adults, we do have specific classes just for teens and children.

Looking to Get Out of the House after the Holidays

After all that preparation for the holidays and gift giving, give yourself some time to unwind and enjoy some painting. Pinot’s Palette will give you the opportunity to paint a Whimsical Fall landscape (December 27th from 7:00-9:00PM) and a Sassy Chic floral painting (December 29th from 7:00-9:00PM). If you are interested, go to or call Pinot’s Palette today before the classes are sold out.

Pinot's Palette
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Phone: 214.827.4668

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