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New novel set in Highland Park and the city of Dallas is the perfect summer beach read with diverse female leads and a tell all tone.

One of the key characters in local author Jennifer Cross' new novel, The Dallas Divorcee, is the city of Dallas itself. The 242 page contemporary fiction novel centers around the glitz and glamour of the Highland Park neighborhood where Natania Schlessinger and her faithful friends navigate the drama of divorce, starting over and the gossip of a town with little better to do.

As the ladies each grapple with their place in life and society, they face personal demons threatening to dissolve partnerships, friendships and even family bonds. Throughout the novel, the determination and grit of these women as well as their dogged loyalty to each other create a dialogue of how every woman wants similar things regardless of the size of her bank account.

Inspired by her own life, the book isn't meant to be a memoir and the majority of it is fiction with the exception of the main characters. "I do have several close female friends who I based the characters around," Ms. Cross admits. "And to be honest, some of the less savory characters were inspired by people in the neighborhood as well."

Notable Dallas locations included in are as follows:

  • Al Biernat's - The ladies spend a lot of time in this popular Highland Park Watering Hole.
  • NorthPark Mall - What novel about Dallas is complete without this mecca?
  • Neiman Marcus/Mermaid Cafe - Every Dallas woman knows it is still the place for a quick casual lunch.
  • Starbucks Highland Park Village - The place to see and be seen in one's yoga pants and where eyes are watching every move.
  • Hotel Zaza - The ladies indulge in some bad behavior and drinks in one of Dallas' ritziest hotels. Highland Park - From the neighborhood pool to the beautiful homes, it's where the ladies spend their lives for better or worse.
  • VH OakCliff - Where their beloved Vic of Al Biernet's fame eventually opens his own place. Yes, that Vic.

The Dallas Divorcee is already gaining national attention. Emma Johnson from the acclaimed blog and podcast "Wealthy Single Mommy" reviewed it on Amazon, writing, "From the diversity of their characters to their strong female voices, The Dallas Divorcee tells the story of women on a journey with each other and themselves. From the ritzy neighborhoods of Dallas, TX to the beauty of Mexico, The Dallas Divorcee will draw you into the women's world and leave you begging for more. I can't wait for Book 2!"

The Dallas Divorcee is available exclusively on Amazon in paperback for $14.99 and Kindle for $3.99.

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