Ask any child in the Woodrow Feeder Pattern who Cade Fenegan and Travis West are and be prepared to hear answers from "My Hero," and "My Best Friend" to "Are You Serious?"  It isn't their leadership on the field, the track or even the stage that sets these two rising seniors and varsity football players apart from other high school students but their love of sports and their hearts for service to others. 

Three years ago, Travis and Cade started a small afternoon sports camp, C and T Sports, as way to earn extra money and give moms and dads a break on the never-ending summer afternoons. Now, the camp has blossomed into THE sports camp for East Dallas elementary students. 

Travis states, "We remember how much fun we had playing outside as kids, and we strive to give that same experience to our campers whether we are throwing a football, running relay races or playing baseball.  It's a camp for any kid who likes to run around and have fun-boys and girls are welcome!"

Cade and Travis hold C and T Sports camp at Northridge Presbyterian Church on Bobolink and after an hour of sports skills instruction, these responsible young men transport the campers to Cade's house where the fun continues with swimming and popsicles.

Two very happy Lakewood Elementary campers, Ian and Matthew Wrobel, were asked to describe what makes the C and T Sports camp so great and they said, "it's so much fun to spend time with Cade and Travis because they are so cool!"  In a world where role models are too often on the TV or Internet and too often not emulating the good old-fashioned values of hard work, integrity and sportsmanship, Cade and Travis, along with C and T Sports, teach neighborhood kids that is it still cool to play outside and to have fun with your friends on and off the field.


C and T Sports will run every week in July at Northridge Presbyterian Church starting at 2pm with a pick up at Cade's house at 4pm.  Campers can sign up for the week or drop in days, but after the first day, your camper will want to go back!  Act quickly as spots for the $25/day or $100/week camp are filling up quickly!  Click here to register your child and/or to contact Cade or Travis with any questions!  

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