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Photo_ V Aves

Yesterday at soccer practice, the Easter bunny made a visit. No joke! After running laps and players were drinking their waters and cooling down, someone noticed what appeared to be "a stuffed animal" over at the edge of the field.  As we approached closer to this "stuffed" animal, all of a sudden it's ears perked up and it turned and stared straight at us.  As we slowly reached for our phones to take a picture, the Easter bunny darted away in a flash!  The whistle blew and all players came back to a huddle where colorful Easter cascarones (confetti eggs) were distributed to each player.  Some basic rules were set forth and the whistle blew again and complete chaos ensued.  There were enough cascarones for two round of confetti chaos. Not only was a fun activity, but the players got to do some extra cardio in the process! 

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