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Pictured L-R: Jesse Simmons, Dr. Chuck Kobdish, Ted Beechler – White Rock Center of Hope, Eddie Berbarie - Housing Crisis Center, Peter Tippen – Exodus Ministries, Shana Harrison - Aberg Center for Literacy, Rachel Branaman – Alley’s House, Mark Weber, Alison Simmons. Photo Credit: Feel Da Flow Productions

On Thursday, January 9, the members of East Dallas Networking donated $4,000 to various East Dallas charities. Alley’s House received $2,000, while Aberg Center for Literacy, Exodus Ministries, Housing Crisis Center, and White Rock Center of Hope each received $500.  To date, EDN has donated $8,500 to local organizations helping our friends and neighbors in need.

Since 2008, East Dallas Networking has brought together local small business owners and community advocates intent on making East Dallas a better place to live, work and play. Meetings are held every Thursday, noon to one, at Highland Park Cafeteria, and cost $2 to attend, half of which is donated to charity. East Dallas Networking... fun... effective... affordable.