Stephen Lu – Guest Contributor
Nov 25 2011

Pretty soon, everyone will be in a shopping frenzy in preparation for the Winter Holidays. However, all those shoppers should take note this is also a time of increased crime activity. Everyone should stay on their toes as they visit their favorite shopping locations this winter.

Here are some tips that everyone should follow while they’re out shopping:

  • Keep careful track of bags and packages. If something gets left behind, it could get stolen or discarded.
  • Inform a security guard or store employee if there is an unattended bag or package. This same rule applies for passengers of mass transit vehicles.
  • Don’t buy more than you can carry. If you are having trouble carrying everything you bought, ask a store employee to help you carry them to your car.
  • Double-check your wallet or purse to make sure all credit cards and check book are still in your possession after purchasing gifts.

Parents taking children out on their shopping trips have even more to worry about. Smaller children can easily become lost among the crowds, so try these safety tips for keeping your family safe:

  • Make your children know your cellphone number by heart. Give the children that don’t know a card with the number.
  • Have a plan with your children to meet in a specific location in case of separation. Review with your children the proper people to turn to in case they get lost.
  • Remind them of the dangers of talking with strangers

The Winter Holidays are always a time for joy and celebration but remember to always put safety first.