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In the summer of 1984 Dallas hosted the Dallas Grand Prix, in 2012 some local event organizers are hoping to reawaken that motor sport spirit in Dallas Fair Park. The race track back in 1984 was laid out within the confines of the fairgrounds using some of Fair Parks most historic art deco architecture as part of the race tracks intended uniquely Dallas backdrop. The 2012 Texas Lone Star Grand Prix race track plans to follow some of the same route designed way back in 1984 when JR was still on TV.

The event promises to inspire much of that same high speed racing spirit, that can easily excite the lead foot in us all, when they speed down the Fair Park track at over 100+ miles per hour. The race is already booked for the weekend of March 17th through the 18th including a qualifying and pre-final race on the 17th and the final shown down for the checkered flag finish on the 18th. The gates will open for the public at 7am on Saturday the 17th and and remember you will need to purchase a ticket for each day you plan to attend the race.

More info about the event including how to buy your $10 tickets can all be found on their website. If your interested in the kind of racing karts that will be allowed on the track or how you can get involved that info can also be found on the events website but if your not the usual racing car type who knows the difference between a stock racing car and the motors that will be revving up at this starting line just watch the video below teasing the inaugural event for next spring. (

LoneStar GP Promo from John Shofner on Vimeo.

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